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Bondage and BDSM

By Ms. Cecilia of Cock Control

When BDSM is mentioned, images of being bound and gagged usually come to mind. Bondage is one of the most common aspects of BDSM play. How can you and your Erotic Phone Sex Mistress incorporate bondage in your BDSM play?

Different Types of Bondage Play

There are different types of bondage play, and if you like to feel completely helpless and under the complete erotic control of your Mistress - you may want to explore this erotic bondage!

Ways to be restrained include: being cuffed, tied up, hogtied, spread-eagled, etc. You can even be blindfolded and gagged. Your Mistress then has the freedom to do what she wants with you including cock teasing, and strap on play. Your Mistress has you in the palm of her hand and makes you eat from it (if she decides to take the ball gag from your mouth). She may decide to leave you for hours at a time as she makes you worship her body, or anything she may have in mind. The choice is up to your Mistress.

Types of bondage your Mistress might decide to use are ropes, handcuffs, thumb cuffs, sometimes straightjackets are used or specially made bondage gear is used during BDSM play.

The Importance of Safety in Bondage Play

Safe play during bondage is very important. If you think your Mistress might leave you in bondage for awhile, make sure, of course, you have trust for her. Make sure you eat a good meal before play, and make sure that there is a back up plan to get you out of bondage in case an emergency arises - such as, having a key nearby for a padlock on chains or handcuffs, or some cutting device to cut the rope off if necessary. Always establish a safe word between you and your Mistress, and make sure she does not leave you alone for too long! A good Mistress will come in and check on you.

Enjoy your bondage play and be safe!

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