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Chastity and Femdom - The Natural Connection

By Ms. Heather of Cock Control

Since the very beginning of history, women have always been the superior gender in sexual relationships. Do you think that after Adam pointed the finger at Eve and tried to put the blame on her for the fall of mankind, that Eve didn't make Adam sleep on the couch and get his only sexual release by jerking off for a while? Of course she did! We as women have always known that we hold the key to men's sexual pleasure in the palm of our hand... or, more specifically, between our legs. While it is true that men can experience sexual release without a female, we all know that the experience is pale in comparison to what he could have enjoyed had he been with a real, live, warm, wet, sensuous female. As history has developed, men have tried to change this natural order of things by attempting to portray themselves as the superior gender based on money and physical strength, but deep down we all still know that she who has the pussy, holds the power.

Women control their sexual urges and desires, they don't allow sex to control them. Men haven't seemed to quite master this skill yet, and therefore they let their cock control much of their emotions and actions. They can't understand how it is that many women (such as myself) can have a very enjoyable sexual experience with a partner, without having an orgasm at all. For most men, if the sexual encounter doesn't end with orgasm for themselves, they feel it is a wasted event. They are so worried about having an orgasm that they don't truly enjoy everything that happens before that. For men, it usually really is all about the big "O". Women don't share this obsession. We know we control our own bodies, and therefore we control our own orgasm. Even the most macho of men do realize this (even if they don't understand it), and it is for this reason that even if they don't want to readily admit it, men do know that women are the superior gender. This is where Femdom comes in.

The Female Dominant or Femdom

In case you missed it the first time, it's definitely worth a repeat... women are the superior gender. Women may not be superior in terms of physical capabilities, but in every other way, we are absolutely above men. It is the role of the man to be a helper for the woman, placing himself under her guidance and control. It is the man's duty to make sure that the woman is happy and satisfied, that her needs are met and that she always has more than what she could ever want. Keeping women in the home, barefoot and pregnant, is something that is encouraged by insecure men in a feeble attempt to raise their own self esteem by falsely putting themselves as the dominant. This may have worked in the past, but today more and more women are returning to the natural order of things, which puts women in the position of Queen. And because this is a woman's natural place, it therefore makes sense that the more dominant and self-controlled gender is the one who controls the sex.

Chastity has been used throughout the ages for many different purposes; prevention of disease, prevention of pregnancy, prevention of infidelity, etc. However, the true power of chastity is it's use as a reward system. femdom women realize this fact and their own role in the equation, and can take complete advantage of it. Don't confuse chastity with sexual control. The simplest definition of chastity is to abstain from sex. Sexual control is basically using sex as a reward. In the minds of most people, 'abstaining from sex' would not involve abstinence from masturbation. When it comes to practicing chastity, the male body is completely off-limits to himself. This means no masturbation, no self-stimulation, no playing with any part of the body in a sexually stimulating way. It is because of this that it is only natural to give control over to someone who has already mastered their sexual urges. It is therefore natural to have a chaste male under the control of a female dominant, one who will control the rewards given to a man based on worthiness instead of whim. His body is no longer his, it now belongs to her. In order to touch it, he must first ask permission or be granted the ability as a reward for something well done. It does not matter if he is the one actually inhabiting the body... it becomes her property to do with as she sees fit.

A good female dominant takes her role seriously and does not abuse her powers. She uses the chaste system as a rewards system, withholding reward if something is not done correctly, and being quick to give out rewards when they are deserved. A good chaste male submissive recognizes the authority of his female dominant and doesn't question her judgment... he trusts that any decision she makes is done so for his own good. He soon finds that he experiences an enormous relief by just giving that control back to it's rightful place, with the dominant female. It's a relief that he's never experienced before. It can be a very liberating experience.

Female Domination: The Natural Order

When life is in it's natural order, things seem to fall into place. If you think about it for a moment, you will see that even those men who try to keep their wives 'barefoot and pregnant' really are not the ones in charge of their household at all. It is the women. Men are given one task as a helper... go out and do your job every day. Women, on the other hand, wear many hats and do many jobs. If you don't agree, just think about your typical 'housewife'. She plays the role of accountant, chef, police officer, chauffeur, teacher, maid, gardener, mother, lover, and many more. When the man finally realizes that he can only focus on one thing (his job) because of the distraction between his legs, and gives that control naturally back over to the dominant female, then he truly be the helper, partner, and man that he was meant to be, not only for himself but for all those around him. And he won't miss hearing "Not tonight, I've got a headache".

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