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When most people hear the words Domination or Femdom, they think of hardcore activities such as pain, torture, whips and chains. We prefer to view the Femdom world from a more feminine, sensual perspective.

One of the unfortunate aspects of Domination and Submission is that there are often far more submissive men than there are Dominant women in any situation: dating, parties, social circles, etc. The imbalance between Dominant Women and submissive men is explored in depth in this work by Ms Courtney.

Have you ever been accused by a Femdom Mistress of "topping from the bottom"? Here is some advice from Ms Courtney to help you avoid topping from the bottom. Read more about topping from the bottom and what it means.

Domination and Phone Sex go well together. Domination phone sessions are a great way to explore your submissive fantasies in the safety of your own home. Sometimes callers even like to switch from submissive to Dominant within the course of one phone domination session. If you express your wish to do this at the start of the session, your Professional Dominant Mistress will likely be able to accomodate your request. For more information, read how to tell your Mistress you'd like to switch.

Domination Phone Sex Sessions

Many men have domination fantasies. Many of them are not in the position to live out those fantasies in person. Many are married, to partners with whom they are not comfortable discussing their submissive tendencies. Many men fear that exploration in the femdom realm will be discovered, and that they will be stigmatized as "perverted" or "kinky" because of their submissive proclivities.

Explore the natural connection between Femdom and Male Chastity in this article contributed by Ms Heather of Cock Control.

Domination Phone Sex is a Safe Venue for Submissive Exploration

Though you may not be in the position to explore your submissive side in person, your submissive tendencies will demand to be heard, and acknowledged. It is basic Psychology-101: If you have strong urges, thoughts or tendencies, and you try to supress them, they will find a way to come out. Being in control of your outlets of expression of your erotic urges and thoughts puts you in a much more desirable place. The more you try to ignore your submissive feelings, the stronger they will become.

Finding a Femdom Outlet for Expression

So understand this: If you're a submissive, there is no way to change this. You will need to explore and express it. And there are many ways to do this. Some find value in writing or journalling about their submissive fantasies. Some men join online communities where they can enjoy the benefits of expression while at the same time maintaining their much-valued anonymity. Online Femdom or Bondage Play communities also offer the interactivity and exchange of ideas that all humans need and crave. Many times, one on one, virtual relationships are formed within online femdom communities. These Femdom relationships are ideal, as they continue to provide the anonimity that the submissive explorer needs, while also providing a method for exchanging ideas with a person who understands where you are coming from.

For the man who knows exactly what kind of interaction he needs in his submissive exploration, there are many services which offer one on one domination/femdom phone sessions. Please your Mistress is one such service. The Mistresses who offer sessions here have years of experience interacting with submissive men, and helping them get to know their submissive selves, which all too often have been suppressed for years. We offer the privacy you need to engage in submissive/femdom fantasies, so that you can feel free to discuss any subjects you'd like, without fear of judgment.

More than just a "Femdom and Domination Phone Sex Service"

Please Your Mistress does offer femdom phone sex services, this is true. But this is only part of what we offer the online population of submissive men. We have also started interactive services such as our chat room, which you will find at Community Kink is frequented by a wide array of individuals, from those like yourselves who are exploring their submissive sides, to fetishest, crossdressers, and of course, Dominant Females. The topic of discussion is frequently fetish/kink/femdom, however we discuss topics that have nothing to do with these things as well, on a regular basis. It's a growing and tight-knit community with only one requirement for membership: You must be open minded and non-judgmental.

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Have you fantasized about being intoxicated and then coerced to perform humiliating acts?

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Please Your Mistress community. If at any time you have questions about our community or services, please feel free to call us at 800-356-6169 and one of our Femdom Advisors will be happy to help you along.

Types of Domination Sessions we Offer

Among the types of Domination sessions our callers request: Foot Domination, CBT Domination, Feminization, Coerced Feminization, Femdom Humiliation, and Cuckold Domination. Domination even extends to things like ass worship, face sitting, leg worship, foot and shoe fetish, and even Giantess calls—who could be a more extreme embodiment of the all-powerful woman than a 100 foot giantess? Many of our submissive clients also enjoy performing humiliating or embarrassing shows for us on webcam. Orgasm denial goes along with the Femdom—submissive relationship, as does chastity training and tease and denial.

Our Femdom Philosophy

You may be drawn toward the harsher side of femdom: whips, chains, severe women who will hurt you as badly as you crave. We have Mistresses among our group who cater to this type of preference. However, many of the Mistresses of Please Your Mistress lean toward a more feminine, sensual style of femdom and domination. Some of us prefer to use our power of seductive femininity to make men our minions. In our experience, a woman does not have to sacrifice her softer side in order to gain superiority over a man. In fact, it is often the accentuation of the feminine that has the strongest effect.


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