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His Neighbor Was A Femdom Mistress

by Ms. Sophia of

Hello there. Would you like to hear a story? Very good. Gather 'round, then, and I'll tell you one of my favorites...

Once upon a time, there was a young-ish submissive man. He had been out of college for a few years and had a good job, but he was not yet old enough to be called anything but "young," still.

This man had a nice house in a nice neighborhood with an especially nice neighbor. She was several years old than he was, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and legs that seemed to go on forever. All in all, she seemed like the very epitome of what men think of when they think of MILFs (although it should be noted that she did not have any children, so the term technically didn't apply).

Fantasizing about the MILF Next Door

Regardless, he responded to her as all younger men respond to beautiful older women. He was attracted to her, and it was obvious. But on the other hand, he tried to be respectful.

Lucky for him, his neighbor was quite friendly and seemed to welcome his attentions, even though he never took things beyond harmless flirting. One day, however, she made a move on him, and he was thrilled to think that his fanatsies were coming true at last.

If he were honest, this young man would have to admit that he'd never imagined doing much more than fucking the hot older woman next door, so that was what he hoped would happen when she invited him into her bedroom. But, oh, he could not have been more wrong.

Discovering the MILF was a Femdom

Well, someone did do some fucking, but it sure wasn't him!

As it turned out, his neighbor--whom he thought was just an attractive suburban lady--had a secret. The secret was that she was a Femdom!

If you asked for more honesty from the young man, he would tell you that he'd sometimes imagined submitting to a woman. But he never thought that his lovely neighbor would be the first one to make him kneel!

But kneel he did...among other things. She started by having him strip naked and then tying him up. He'd heard of CFNM scenes before, of course, but he never thought that it would have such an effect on him. The effect only strengthened when she took some toys out of her toybox to tease him with.

First came the feather, its gentle touch setting his every nerve alight. Then came the edging. She used her considerable skills to stroke his cock and bring him close to orgasm over and over again without actually letting him cum. And since he was tied, he couldn't bring a hand down to finish himself off, either.

But the best part came when she took off her pants and top (leaving her bra and panties still in place) and buckled her strap on harness around her hips.

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MILF Strapon Femdom

(See? Someone did get fucked. It just didn't quite go how the young man thought it would!)

After all that--the bondage, the teasing, and the strap on play--she finally did let him cum, but only after he made her all sorts of promises. Among them was the promise that he would continue coming back anytime she wanted him and be trained to serve her properly.

And that, my dears, is the story of how I made my next-door neighbor into my perfect little slave boy!